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Information for Families Learning at Home

Updated: May 1, 2020

Creating a Home-Learning Environment

Families may want to begin thinking about and planning for the best place for your children to access school curriculum and activities.

  • Location/ Virtual School Desk: Think about where your child will be most comfortable and do their best work. This could be at their desk in their bedroom, at the kitchen table, on the couch.

  • Be sure the location can support whatever electronic devices your child may need.

  • If your child is on a device, they should be in a common/ visible area.

  • Minimize other distractions during school time. If you have preschool and school-age children, try setting up a workspace for both as the younger ones are likely to follow the lead of their older siblings.

  • In general, 2-4 hours a day of school work at home is comparable to a full school day.

Daily "School" Schedule for Remote Learning

  • Consistency helps students focus, so start with a daily schedule.

  • Use the provided assignments to create a basic structure for each day, supplementing them as needed with activities that round out the curriculum.

  • Structure academic activities around kids’ attention spans.

  • Most elementary school kids can work on assignments for around 25 minutes before they need a break.

  • Use a timer or other device to arrange breaks, which can also become transitions to new tasks.

  • Avoid online videos or graphic novels until the end of the day. These make good rewards, but can be distracting.

  • Create a schedule that has a variety of table top activities, project based or hands on activities and outdoor activities.

  • Make sure to have active breaks in between screen activities. Limit non-academic screen time, and focus on quality vs. quantity. 

  • Consider maintaining a routine or schedule for device use. 

Resources for Responsible Technology Management 

Resources for Managing Education at Home 

Resources for Extra-curriculars at Home

Resources for Physical Fitness at Home 

Resources for Responsible Technology Management 

Common Sense Media Resource Recommendations 

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